If your everyday work involves computers, a keyboard is something you touch every day for hours on end. Objects that you interact with every day should be beautiful.

    Theme for this build is "Lava", using black and charcoal colors with orange LED lighting, assembled from individual components. Initially I wanted the plate to be made from carbon fiber, but it was hard to find a manufacturer that would do a one off at a reasonable price, so I cut the plate from PETG. It ended up working really well, scattering light and reflecting it off the white PCB.

    • Custom PETG plate
    • KBDfans pcb mount stabilizers
    • KBDfans cnc aluminum case
    • Orange smd underglow
    • Orange backlight leds
    • Gateron Red switches
    • PBT DSA blank keycaps black

    Closeup of the red glow under the keycaps of a mechanical keyboard. Closeup of matte black keycaps of a keyboard, with no legends printed on them. Black and charcoal keyboard with red underglow on a wooden desktop.