Hsv Led

    An arduino controlled light strip for my former workspace. It used off the shelf components, 3D-printed and lazer-cut parts. It had 3 knobs that controlled color and brightness using HSV mapping. Code and STL files available on the project github page.

    Closeup of a rectangular controller with a bamboo faceplate and 3 rotary dials.


    • P9813 LED controller
    • 1x Arduino nano
    • 3x Analogue Pots
    • 1x 5v or 3.3v (depending on your Arduino) Voltage regulator
    • 1x 12v power input jack
    • 1x 3D printed shell
    • 1x Lazer cut faceplate


    I had particularly low quality potentiometers, so the signal is over-filtered. I would use digital rotary encoders if I were to improve it.

    The insides of the HSV controller with LED driver and wiring exposed.