Shader experiments.

Reveal Shader

A set of shaders for Unity that generates a render texture based on player position and re-projects it back onto game world as a mask for various shader effects.

Features: * Black and White to RGB texture reveal shader * Transparent to Opaque RGB Texture reveal shader * Displacement Tesselation shader * Auto and Manual world bounds lookup * Fading over time * Adaptive RenderTexture aspect ratio * Custom inspector

Source code, license, usage guide and unitypackage downloads available on github

Animation of a ball rolling around a surface, revealing it's path with shader UI showcasing the rendertexture.

Dynamic Lightbeams

This project is a mesh generation system and a surface shader. It allows creation of procedural light impostors that automatically align with the main light direction and create a volumetric look. Everything is done dynamically, to avoid manually creating 3D meshes.

Uv Projection

This shader demonstrates a method of using worldspace transforms (relative positions, scale and rotation) to remap texture UV's in XZ world axis. The technique can be used to create variety of shader effects. Example supplied uses a heightmap projection for vertex offset. Creted using Amplify Shader Editor.

Animation of the shader in action moving around, scaling and rotating a height map. Screenshot of the shader graph.