I occasionally participate in game jams to keep my skills sharp, to meet new people and get spontaneously creative.

This Is Us

A collaboration between Adam, Moth and myself. Our gamejam brainstorming session turned into a 2 hour conversation about sincerity, creative practice and the pursuit of mastery. This "game" is that conversation and can either be experienced in 3D on GGJ website or as a video capture on youtube


A first person puzzle mechanic prototype. In this prototype, you rotate planet orbits to match up constellations based on pictographic hints. Orbits are procedurally generated, so while constellations themselves are pre-determined, the solar system is always random.

Screen capture of the game mechanic, moving planets around by dragging their orbits. Screen capture of random planet arrangements generating in-editor.

Contrail Romantics

A game about drawing shapes in the sky. Pilot a skywriting plane and fulfill contrail messages for the folks below.

Created in 48 hours during Global Gamejam 2017. Download on GGJ

Top down view of a purple map of Auckland with a plane writing an arc in the sky. Top down view of a pink map of Auckland with a plane collecting stars in the sky.

Detritus Memory Dump

A memory palace of a room I used to live in. Explore few fleeting snippets of a bygone space.

Made in 48 hours during Global Gamejam 2016. Download on the GGJ website.

Screenshot of a clay render of a room with real life photos floating in space. Picture of a notebook with game design scribbles.

That Cow Game

A cow at a meat factory. Made in 24 hours during ludum dare #33 with a theme "You are the monster".

Download on

Entrance to the meat factory, pixelated sign of a human figure on the side of a processing machine. Conveyor belt with meat packets going into the back of a truck, pixelated human face with open mouth on the side.

Mindscapes Of Liz Ryerson

A Mashup of works by Liz Ryerso and Ian MacLarty.

A mashup interactive experience that combines Ian MacLarty's experimental game Southbank Portrait and Liz Ryerson's BAGAIJ10S works and her album SCRAPS.

This experiment uses Ian’s engine and framework to expose a different way of traversing Ryerson's works.


Duality is a two player Dash'n'Slash game, created in 48 hours for KiwiJam 2019 in collaboration with Adam Thompson.

Made using: * Unity3D * Speed tree * Quixel Mixer & Megascans * Substance Painter * MapMagic * Adobe Mixamo * Autodesk tools

Watch gameplay video on youtube Download and play on

Two neon characters glowing magenta and yellow clashing with sparks going everywhere. A neon yellow character dashing away from the magenta one, surrounded by giant crystals and a dead tree. Neon characters dashing towards each other leaving glowing trails behind them.