I appreciate all the help I can get. If you want to support me on my creative journey, there's more than one way:


    I'm happy to recieve grants, donations and all manner of moneytary help and even gear donations like computers, electronic components, photography equipment etc. All proceeds go towards maintaining life, funding gear, learning resources, service subscriptions that make my less financially viable activities possible.


    If you feel in any way inspired, you can help my content get afloat by subscribing to my social channels, liking my posts and sharing them with people you know who might also get inspired! The more people I can empower to make positive change in their life, the more people's lives they'll be able to affect positively as well. Linking me up with other creatives that might yield fruitful collaborations is also appreciated!


    I love hearing from friends I haven't met yet! If you appreciate what I do, I would appreciate hearing from you, where you may be on your journey and if my content has helped you in any way.


    I'm constantly inspired by all the creative individuals and collectives out there. I'm always open to knowledge sharing and collaboration. If there's commercial work to be done together, don't hesitate to reach out and we can discuss how our path may run along for fun and profit.