Before the release of Gameboy Advance SP AGS-101 in 2015, all previous gameboy models had no screen backlight. I've spent countless hours playing Link to the Past and F-Zero under poorly lit conditions in my teenage years.

    I've had this gameboy since I was 15 and I decided to give it a facelift with a custom aftermarket shell, glass screen cover and a backlit screen it deserved from the very beginning.

    The backlit screens used to be rare and had to be harvested from a specific model of a GBSP, but now freely available from China. Thanks to this modding guide by gaggi GBA's motherboard can display a vivid and clear image.

    Photo of Gameboy Advance translucent magenta shell. Back of a Gameboy Advance motherboard. White Gameboy Advance next to a white Xbox one and PS4 controllers.