ASUS USB Ethernet repair



My laptop doesn’t have an ethernet port. I either use wifi, or this Asus USB Ethernet adapter. The device identifies itself as a “ASIX AX88772B USB2.0 to Fast Ethernet Adapter”. The other day it stopped working, though if jiggled around, would come on intermittently. If twisting the wire a bit helps the device re-connect, there’s a wire connection problem somewhere, so I decided to fix.

Needless to say, I was right, both Data- and Data+ (White & Green) wires have broken off the solder pads on the circuit board. No surprise, the was no slack in the wires at all!



Removing the shield required removing solder from two grounding pins on the shield, and soldering off the shielding wire coming off the cord. From there, it was pretty straight forward, the pins are marked on the board: RWGB, corresponding to the wire colors.



The cable retainer didn’t come off, so needed to be sliced along. I remedy this later by applying heat shrink over it.



The shielding wire needs to be connected to the shield. Easiest thing to do was to replicate the original and braid them into two strands, soldering them to the shield.



I chose to solder the wires facing the other way, to add more slack to them, so when the adapter twists and bends, the solder joints would receive no stress from the pulling.



Important step is to not forget to put on the necessary heat shrink and the plastic cover onto the cable before soldering!




Reassembled, tested and working! I can have fast internet again!