Knife Handle


I picked up an early 1900’s English butter knife from an op shop, which had a bone handle that was completely burnt (I forgot to take a photo of it) and refurbished it with a new handle as a small DIY project.

The handle was completely scorched, but the steel was quality and in good condition for its age.


Initially I wanted to make the handle from laminated structural timber, because I wanted to see how the layers show through in the curvature of the handle once sanded, but it was too tough to carve with a knife, and I decided to use softer wood for now. Drill, mark the contour and start shaping the handle.

The wood was salvaged from some shelving trim, I don’t quite know what the wood is, but it’s light and very soft. Perhaps too soft for a knife handle, but the purpose was to make something quick and bring the knife back to life. After some shaving and sanding, I got a smooth handle that was pleasant to hold.

Then a coat of vinegar rust mix to blacken the handle, with a top coat of linseed oil to prevent mold and give it some water resistance.