Selling my car


Time to sell my car. Lots of adventures had been had! I toured north island on it, slept at the most beautiful beaches and commuted to work when I had a job. Now that I’m changing to a motorbike lifestyle, it’s time to let it go.


Toyota Caldina GTT
Year: 1998
Body: ST215, 4 wheel drive
Mileage: 215.000km
Engine: 2.0 L 3S-GTE I4 Turbo
Extras: VSC Electronic traction control, weathershields, roof racks, towbar, door edge trims, trip & fuel computer, push button start




The boot space is huge on its own, I easily fit 2x bicycles, 3 skateboards, helmets and stuff without collapsing the rear seats (see photo above). If you fold down the rear seats however, it triples the space, you can lay down a mattress and go road tripping, or carry all the things you’d otherwise need to carry:


The body is in great condition, no rust and the only damage is a front bumper decorative cover, a white scrape from someone getting out of a park inadequately, and the common for this car plastic cover crack on the hatch handle.