Pigsty Play Submission

Final submission (WIN) (OSX)

WASD, LMB to clear visuals. Gamepad compatible.
Best played with headphones in the dark.

My final submission for Serious Play paper at Colab, AUT.

I am extremely happy with what this turned out to be.

First of all, massive thanks to Hamish for code advice and Phil for inspiration on the process of getting here.
End of this paper might not be such a great deal, but the process we went through is quite a milestone in my personal development as an artist.

The sounds of this experiment are inspired by last nights music Jam session with Phil. Actually 3 sample recordings from last night are used in this piece. The rest are synthesized in Ableton Live, but are heavily inspired by how we jammed that night, using the sort of meditative and visceral motifs that came out of that.

Visually, I deliberately drove this with principles of Juice in games. I wanted every audio relationship in the application to have visual feedback, and overall have multiple levels of interaction embedded into the different kinds of experiences you can have with this artifact.

I would recommend to stop reading here and play it, as I describe the workings of the application below, potentially spoiling the experience of discovery.

  • Player has running jingle that becomes more audible the faster you go. Equally the background becomes lighter. It may be a desired effect or otherwise, depending on what experience you’re trying to have in regards to tempo and harmonizing with the triggerable sounds and/or color composition of the playing field.
  • The three samples from our jam with Phil play at random when you bounce off the side walls: 2 major 1 minor chord. The white flash accompanies triggering of the samples.
  • The top and bottom edges are not supposed to be touched by the orb, which is indicated by the mild RGB screen based split and has no sound to encourage that behavior.They are meant to be triggered by the orbiting white particles which you “throw” at the edges using direction change and velocity to fling them away from the orb. This ensures an unpredictable and fairly random playback of the samples.
  • The top edge of the screen features singe guitar notes that go by C, D, D sharp, F, G, A minor, A.
  • Bottom edge features percussion with some heavy ping pong delay.
  • Top and bottom samples are accompanied with a spray of colored particles that stay on screen for a while before death (so that they don’t overload cpu)
    The player orb has an attractor that pulls all particles to itself, ensuring the mixing of colored particles in the background as a way of painting.The colors on the top are following a warm palette and bottom is cold going up and down in brightness / intensity to ensure good contract between opposing facing sample triggers.

You can click LMB (left mouse button) to clear the particle field if you wish to reset avoiding restarting the app.