Fmod First Try

I’ve made a small test scene to to try fmod blending based on distance between two boxes.

For the fmod integration, I’ve struggled through code a little bit, as it has just been released, and the are no documentation for the C# unity API just yet (the forum staff said they’re working on it). There are a few code examples and a few example scenes that I based mine off.

Once I got all the fmod code to compile, I couldn’t get sound to play back. I heard the fmod banks play back in the inspector, so the fmodstudiosystem initialized properly, however I couldn’t hear anything. Turned out my actual listener was too far away from the event emitter, and couldn’t hear it. Silly mistake, but I assumed that 3D sound functionality wasn’t there by default.

When I designed the intensity variation loops, the first 4 were based off each other, however the last 2 have slightly more variant beat. They blend back to back well with others, but not so much if you were to chop in between.