Sound Test

Finally I got to do some experimentation and play.

Here I have 6 loops, of varying density and intensity low to high, for a simple tribal drum beat. The idea is at first to make a test of these 6 separate stages blending with one another based on some parameter in Unity.

FMOD is a big industry standard middleware for video game audio engineering, and is also already driving Unity’s native sound engine, though it obfuscates all access to FMOD.
Luckily however, just released FMOD Studio Pro, license free for indie developers, and offer an integration package for Unity that provides a wrapper to interface Unity with FMOD directly. It gives full access to effects, filters and custom event structures in a project.

These loops so far, have been composed in Ableton Live, using a Kontak 5 “West Africa” instrument set from Native Instruments. I used the inbuilt pattern maker to create the rhythms.

West Africa gif

I found this process a massive exercise in play itself. The pattern set to loop, would constantly play back, as I was editing instrument states (rombus, square, x). Often I would get carried away by the organic nature of what I was doing, completely destroying the loop. I would make it incompatible with previous intensity settings and run way off the rhythm, often having to start again using the previous stage as a starting point. It was productive kind of fun.