Getting Sorted

Having time over the Easter holiday, I organized my workspace, pulling everything I need out of storage after moving back in with my parents.

Moving houses is the greatest way to know what amount of useless crap you own that you don’t realize you have. Among computer gear, tools and utility items, creep in the stacks of needless things you only end up trying to find space for. That box of paper clips you bought for that one piece of wire you used for something, a poker set you never played, a pencil holder full of rubber bands and pens collected over time, and that particular such thing which there’s one too many of, that you think might be of use one day. Many of these things I can’t even trace back to how I came into possession of.

After a few rubbish bin purging trademe listing shelf stacking days, I built my little space. The cable management, the spacial sacrifice, removal, and almost forcing it upon myself to be surrounded with only the tools I need.

It isn’t perfect, but it is mine.