Notes: David Kanaga’s writings

initial notes on David Kanaga’s “Structure & Alchemy in New Fractal Playspaces, taken from his blog summary.

Is a collection of essays concerned with “the infinite macrocosmic canvas of Games as a Whole.” by David Kanga, (creator of Proteus and composer for DYAD)

“The relations between gamefulness and artfulness and playfulness”

He has a very philosophical definition of “game” and “play”, which spans a vast scale of thought, which I am yet to comprehend, as his texts are very fluid and hard to follow, and require a lot of external dependencies to make sense of.

Kanga sees dynamic and static medium like games and images, as products of the same dimension with only semantic differences in modes of absorption.

He especially describes a lot of these dimensions as music, where music is rhythm, represented by scale while deprived of the audio element.

He proposed that the games, among other art mediums, exists in between dimensions of rational and irrational, computable and incomputable, between the system and structures of software itself and the meaning of the games or other mediums.

Even the essay itself, is a commentary on the thinking process behind the essay as a game on a microscopic scale of subsystems of this universe.

“Play is considered as becoming as opposed to being. All becoming considered as play. Play is motion.”

He explores ideas of “all possible games” as a notion of fractal existence, that “everything is a game” and “everything is a payer”, and transient states between possibility spaces between them.

Crazy text, it will take me some time to go over and reflect on his ideas, therefore it is only initial notes, as I find his work enticing to dig deeper into.