Notes: Patatap

Patatap is a soundboard webapp which utilizes the keyboard that trigger sounds that carry animations along with them. There are multiple “color pallets” which carry different sound kits and color schemes for the screen.

Engaging with Patatap is a great example of play. It encompasses discovery and creation in one.
There is no tutorial or any key to tell you what sound is bound to what key. You play and you learn, eventually being able to memorize the sound placement across the keyboard, trying to come up with tunes within the given system, which can then be switched over to a new pallet with a press of a spacebar to begin the process again.

This is obviously not a game, there are no rules or goals, timers or reward feedback loops, there’s only direct input and output of color and sound. I think however, a game could be created within that system, within the given limitations. One could play Patatap and in their head, play a game, such as compelling themselves to keep within the rhythm, or trying to create a tune using exclusively vocal samples, or making something random and cohesive by switching pallets every second beat.

Patatap is a play canvas with no other purpose but to offer a play space.