Notes: MDA: A Formal Approach to Game Design

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Swordy MDA?

manipulation of physics, inertia and centrifugal forces.
emergent battles between players.
competition, flow, failure vs. triumph.

Swordy taxonomy per article’s list of terms:

Sensation (flow, chaining hits, swinging vertigo)
Fantasy (ancient tribal setting, faux mythology)
Challenge (through competition with another player agent)
Fellowship (bonding through competition)
Submission (invites players to participate and allows to disengage at will)

Swordy doesn’t facilitate a clear win condition as of yet. There needs to be an overarching goal to each battle, not just the joy of defeating other, but the glory of being the champion.

Swordy, as well as board games like Settlers of Catan and Cut Throat Caverns, allow for a meta game, where players “team up” in real life, outside game mechanics to close the gap in equality by agreeing to stop messing with eachother and in turn destroy the leading player.

Swordy first pass:
two players, one weapon, experiments with the flow of physics based sword fighting.

Swordy second pass:
multiple weapons, 4 player arena based combat with character customization, secondary weapons actions, score keeping and timed play sessions.

Swordy third pass:
Multiple multiplayer modes? Single player storyline?