Marshall Major Cable Mod

About a month ago, my favorite headphones Marshall Major had a cable fault, was a plug problem, which I couldn’t fix easily because of a 4 strip TRRS which allowed the mic to be used with a compatible device and usual tiny enameled wires. I tried wiring a new plug, but figured the problem was in the mic/button unit. To which I decided to completely bypass and replace the entire cable.

I hate that every headphones weakest link is always either the plug or the cable at the ear, so I decided to mod them with a TRS female plug so I could use any 3.5mm male to male cable with it. It adds portability to the setup, and allows me to replace the cable when it wears out.

Sorry I don’t have full steps or detail about this for those who wish to do a similar thing to their headphones, but the process is fairly easy:

remove cushions, unscrew 4 screws, open the cups, desolder the thin wires, remove the rubber cable holder, dremel out the hole bigger for the female TRS, solder both ground lines to the ground, and each of the signal lines to their respective connectors on the female plug. I added black heatshrink for cosmetic purposes, and used pliers to squeeze the plug a bit so that the cable sits more firmly at the ear and is harder to yank out by mistake.

I know this mod bypassed the mic and the control button, which is a shame because I used to use them for facetime/skype calling, but I wasn’t ready to give up the sound of these.