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Spaceman game sketch

Initially I was thinking to make a test scene in Unity, where I would spawn a cube at a press of a button, that would make a sound as it collided with the floor, then ramp up the bounciness and see what it looks/sounds like.

It is not at all what I ended up with however.

I started off by working out how to get controller inputs, because I wanted to be able to move the box using analogue stick. Using inControl package, I was able to get input readouts.

But when I tried making a movement controller script, since I don’t have coding experience, I pulled apart an existing one that was using physics.

What I ended up with, was a box that would only shoot into a given direction (analogue stick), and was only able to reconfigure its vector, when it’s speed dropped below a certain threshold. Unexpected result, but It lead to a ☆☆GAME DESIGN IDEA☆☆

You control a spaceman, or rather, spaceman’s arms. You can reach, grab, push, pull, and aim your arms.

The idea of the game is to traverse a space station that is falling apart module by module in zero gravity, pulling and pushing off objects.

This could be endless run through a procedural maze of modules, or something finite, but the QWOP style controls for the arms with random events like explosions, loss of oxygen, fire, collisions, debris and no gravity are the key.

And all that, from a coding mistake in a script to move a box.