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Metal Detecting

A tiny animation I made for my brother’s youtube channel as an intro to his videos. He’s a metal detecting specialist, discovering lost treasures and cleaning the environment from hazardous metal scraps. Check out his site and blog:

Made in Photoshop, sound design done using iPad apps BFXR & PixiTracker 1bit. Soundtrack assembled in Live, frames assembled using VirtualDub.

Diablo III retro demake



Inspired by the Hindu and Buddhist statuettes and the recent theatrical audio visual mashup performance Bathing with Elephants I attended in January at the Civic theater in Auckland, where I saw the Ganesha statues.
Themes of time, recursive motion and repetition influenced this piece.

Gameloft job application

In 2010, I was applying for an environment artist position at Gameloft in Auckland, New Zealand. As every other applicant, I had to do an art test. The requirements were to create a night port scene environment with 2 cranes, a cargo ship and a warehouse in under 3600 triangles.

The focus for my piece was to create a really low-fi art style, with pixel art textures.
What I ended up with was everything textured in a single 512 bitmap (excluding the skybox).

I am still currently employed at Gameloft as a 3D artist with emphasis on technical side of things.