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Friendship is Magic

A game that I’ve been working on at Gameloft, has just went gold and approved by Apple. It’s much anticipated by fans apparently. I’m no brony, and the only thing I’m excited about is finally not hearing the main theme play over and over in the office.

Things I’ve done on the game were vfx art – when you see sparkles and bursts of butterflies etc, I was responsible for those, and tech art – some behind the scenes sprite optimization, animated sprites and stuff like that. There’s a lot of metamorphosis this game went through in terms of asset management.

Gameloft job application

In 2010, I was applying for an environment artist position at Gameloft in Auckland, New Zealand. As every other applicant, I had to do an art test. The requirements were to create a night port scene environment with 2 cranes, a cargo ship and a warehouse in under 3600 triangles.

The focus for my piece was to create a really low-fi art style, with pixel art textures.
What I ended up with was everything textured in a single 512 bitmap (excluding the skybox).

I am still currently employed at Gameloft as a 3D artist with emphasis on technical side of things.