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Swordy PAX AUS Badges


I made a post on Swordy devlog about the wooden badges I’ve made as part of our PAX AUS exhibit & promotion effort. Click on the image for more photos, detailed description of the manufacturing process, along with some post-mortem reflection.

Gopro stabilizer


At some point a couple of years ago, I was into video and wanted a way to shoot smooth footage while walking / skating / going up stairs and what not. To do that, I constructed a stabilizer, following a standard Glidecam design. It involves a 3 axis pivot, and a stem with camera mount at the top and balanced weights at both ends.

I built mine around an M8 screw rod, with skate bearings and PVC pipes held together by nylon locking nuts. It works really well, even not properly balanced. The video below is casual walking (not trying to be smooth).

Reprap Prusa

Last weekend I helped Edison put together a RepRap 3D printer.

We managed to get the chassis completely built in about 5 hours and Edison then packed up the wiring and calibrated the next day.

It’s a great piece of tech. It’s awesome how simple it is too.

I’ve always been a DIY enthusiast, building a variety of projects many of which are currently in progress.
The greatest thing about DIY for me, is making something with your hands. Digital is good, but there’s a different, more pure kind of satisfaction from cutting, grinding, bolting and attaching. Physical manifestation of one’s imagination and thought, even if following instructions putting preexisting pieces together. The experience of it, is a journey of locomotion, problem solving and thought that is so satisfying. That’s why LEGO is the greatest toy ever made, and why Arduino and other devboards have gained so much popularity among the maker communities.

I want to make all the things.

Marshall Major Cable Mod

Nerf Spectre

I bought a Nerf Spectre, for the purpose of modding it. Internally I removed air suppressors and added spacers for more spring power, gave it a vivid black and red paint job, finished with some wear and tear, oil leaks and aging. The whole thing took me roughly 2 days.

Work in progress photos [1], [2].