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Fixing Canon 7D Display Assembly


During my trip to Australia last November, my 7D got damaged in the baggage, where something has pushed against the rear LCD hard enough to dip it into the camera body, creating an opening, where a lot of beach sand and dirt started accumulating. Since my camera is out of warranty, and official Canon repair would cost as much as a new 7D, I take matter into my own hands, besides, I’ve already opened my 7D to fix a battery error already.

Fixing Canon 7D “Cannot communicate with battery” issue


A few months ago, my 7D started throwing up this error, which would refuse to read the battery (even though fully charged) and would actually discharge it rapidly if left inside the camera for a few hours. Searching online for the issue revealed that it’s a common problem for many users, and actually a manufacturing defect in every 7D (MKI), though doesn’t reveal itself to everybody. There is a solution, which I found thanks to the author of this video, which details exactly what the issue is and how to fix it in less than 10 minutes.
My documentation basically follows the exact steps in the video, so hopefully this will help someone as well if you want to know what’s up at a glance.

Gopro stabilizer


At some point a couple of years ago, I was into video and wanted a way to shoot smooth footage while walking / skating / going up stairs and what not. To do that, I constructed a stabilizer, following a standard Glidecam design. It involves a 3 axis pivot, and a stem with camera mount at the top and balanced weights at both ends.

I built mine around an M8 screw rod, with skate bearings and PVC pipes held together by nylon locking nuts. It works really well, even not properly balanced. The video below is casual walking (not trying to be smooth).