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Nerf Spectre

I bought a Nerf Spectre, for the purpose of modding it. Internally I removed air suppressors and added spacers for more spring power, gave it a vivid black and red paint job, finished with some wear and tear, oil leaks and aging. The whole thing took me roughly 2 days.

Work in progress photos [1], [2].



Inspired by the Hindu and Buddhist statuettes and the recent theatrical audio visual mashup performance Bathing with Elephants I attended in January at the Civic theater in Auckland, where I saw the Ganesha statues.
Themes of time, recursive motion and repetition influenced this piece.



Gameloft job application

In 2010, I was applying for an environment artist position at Gameloft in Auckland, New Zealand. As every other applicant, I had to do an art test. The requirements were to create a night port scene environment with 2 cranes, a cargo ship and a warehouse in under 3600 triangles.

The focus for my piece was to create a really low-fi art style, with pixel art textures.
What I ended up with was everything textured in a single 512 bitmap (excluding the skybox).

I am still currently employed at Gameloft as a 3D artist with emphasis on technical side of things.

Hello World

Hello World! My name is Alexey Botkov, otherwise known as nomand, I am a Russian-born New Zealander, I design visuals, games, music and interactive art. This blog will feature my creative explorations.

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!