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Letnice is a web based year progression widget intended for my web browser’s homepage. It indicates time gone by and can show days past or until a certain date from today in Gregorian format. Live version is available here. It’s code is open source and available on the project’s github.


Gaea is a personal timepiece and life-time keeping device based on Earth’s orbital period. It indicates years, months, days and current time in Gaea format.
Written in JavaScript using the HTML canvas. Open source and available on Github.

Merlin Garage Remote Housing

I was tasked with fabricating a replacement housing for Merlin M842 remote control for a garage door. Given that the device is most commonly carried on a key chain or thrashed around in a car glovebox, the housing ends up taking a beating with age and a replacement can cost as much as $60 to $90. My goal was to create a competent replacement that would:

  • be user serviceable (accessible battery compartment)
  • have the led indicator visible
  • have a slimmer profile than the original
  • be easy to manufacture using a hobby grade FDM 3D printer
  • and of course I didn’t want to spend too much time working on it

Interview with Design Assembly

I did an interview with Zoe Nash from Design Assembly for their By Day/By Night segment. I talk about staying creative and sane in the chaos of work – life balance. Read it here!

ASUS USB Ethernet repair



My laptop doesn’t have an ethernet port. I either use wifi, or this Asus USB Ethernet adapter. The device identifies itself as a “ASIX AX88772B USB2.0 to Fast Ethernet Adapter”. The other day it stopped working, though if jiggled around, would come on intermittently. If twisting the wire a bit helps the device re-connect, there’s a wire connection problem somewhere, so I decided to fix.

Knife Handle


I picked up an early 1900’s English butter knife from an op shop, which had a bone handle that was completely burnt (I forgot to take a photo of it) and refurbished it with a new handle as a small DIY project.

Recycled Timber Shelf


Few weeks ago, I moved out of home into the Frogshark HQ, the house our team lives and works at, developing video games. Part of healthy living for me is making the place that is “home” a comfortable space and a desired place to be in. I don’t own any furniture except for my bed, so lack of surfaces for storage and ad-hoc items makes the space lack in accessibility. In the spirit of making, I set out to make my first piece of furniture, a simple shelf behind my bed’s headboard.

Selling my car


Time to sell my car. Lots of adventures had been had! I toured north island on it, slept at the most beautiful beaches and commuted to work when I had a job. Now that I’m changing to a motorbike lifestyle, it’s time to let it go.

Vizcera: making of

Vizcera is a project I made in collaboration with Digital Art Live, exhibited in DAL interactive space at the Edge center (formerly Aotea Center) Auckland, New Zealand. In this post I briefly talk about the evolution of the project.

Global Gamejam


This past weekend, my team and I participated in a global gamejam, an equivalent of the 48 hour film festival, but for game development.

We came up with a small 2 player game. Read more about our jam, and play Whalebus!